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Communicating Pharmacology

    • Course Number: GMS 6XXX
    • Credit Hours: 1 credit hour
    • Course Format: This online course is tailored for asynchronous distance learners.
    • Course Syllabus: View Full Course Details

    Course Description

    This 1-credit course is for basic and clinical scientists and others that wish to improve their communication skills. Communicating science and medicine to the general population is extremely important; however, many scientists and clinicians struggle with this task. This course will require students to create and record a presentation that communicates the science of both the pathophysiology and the pharmacology of a disease and its treatment. The target audience for this presentation is the general population.


    This course requires a BA or BS and a strong science foundation with at least five full semester courses related to biology, chemistry and/or physics. In addition, students must pass GMS 6551 prior to taking this course.


    This course is designed to be taken as an elective in the medical physiology and pharmacology master’s degree program.

    Course Goals

    Successful completion of this course will prepare students to communicate science and medicine to the general population. These students will be able to:

    1. Determine the background knowledge required to understand the material at hand.
    2. Determine what content is required in order to understand the fundamentals of the chosen topic.
    3. Create a presentation using language and visuals that are accessible to the general population.


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