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Student Testimonial: Joshua Markowitz

Online Medical Physiology and Pharmacology Master’s Degree Graduate

Joshua Markowitz

“The platform was user-friendly. The syllabus provided a clear roadmap, Canvas streamlined navigation and the professors were readily available for clarification.”

n aspiring medical school student and a University of Florida alumnus, Joshua Markowitz knew exactly what he needed to do to follow his desired career path. “UF’s prestigious reputation is widely recognized,” he explained, “and I believed that aligning myself with such a reputable institution would bolster my chances of admission into medical school. The synergy of my familiarity with UF, the convenience of the online modality, the relevance of the curriculum and UF’s esteemed reputation made [UF’s online master’s degree in medical physiology and pharmacology] my top choice.”

Markowitz graciously took time to elaborate upon his rationale for choosing our program — including one very heartwarming personal reason — as well as the unexpected but welcome impact the program had both on him and his friends.

Putting Medical School — and a Loved One — Within Reach

“[My] decision to pursue a graduate medical pharmacology credential was rooted in my ambition to augment my candidacy for medical school,” Markowitz said. “This program captivated my interest as it equipped me with an invaluable knowledge base that would be instrumental during my initial years of medical education. I did not want to spend a couple years to complete this master’s program because I still had to study for and take the MCAT prior to applying for medical school. Being able to complete the master’s program in one year was another driving factor persuading me to choose this program.”

“I did explore other programs,” he continued. “However, the combination of my pre-existing association with UF from my undergraduate years and the accessibility of the online program offered unparalleled convenience.” A different type of connection also played into his decision, however. “At that juncture, I was deepening my relationship with my significant other. The flexibility of this online program allowed me to relocate to her city, so we could live together.” Markowitz now calls Wellington, FL — some 280 miles from UF’s main campus in Gainesville — his home.

Unexpected Advantages of Our Program

Markowitz experienced a few pleasant surprises while earning his online medical physiology and pharmacology master’s degree with UF. “The program’s tangible impact on my MCAT preparation was unexpected yet immensely beneficial. Additionally, I was able to leverage my newfound knowledge to assist my friends in nursing school, who were struggling with certain topics like loading and maintenance doses. I believe the online program surpassed an on-campus program in terms of my learning outcome. The flexibility allowed me to engage with the material when I was most receptive to learning, optimizing my understanding and retention of information.”

The confluence of our online format, faculty and topical courses made the program rewarding for Markowitz. “The platform was user-friendly. The syllabus provided a clear roadmap, Canvas streamlined navigation and the professors were readily available for clarification. The faculty was highly responsive, often replying within a day. They demonstrated a profound understanding and accommodation of personal circumstances.”

“I had the opportunity to undertake an honor’s research study titled ‘The Prevalence and Perception of E-Cigarette Use/Vaping Among College Students With Greek Affiliation Compared to Those Without at the University of Florida,’” he added. “The course GMS 6510 Pharmacology of Cannabis, Tobacco and Vaping provided a deeper understanding of the pharmacological and physiological implications of e-cigarette use.”
Preparing for Big Things to Come

“The program was instrumental in enhancing my medical acumen,” Markowitz said. “While enrolled, I served as an emergency medical scribe at North Florida Regional Medical Center’s emergency departments, an experience that, in tandem with the program, offered me a comprehensive understanding of diagnosis, treatment plans, pathophysiology and more.

“Upon completion, I chose to focus on preparing for the MCAT, after which I plan to apply for a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) role while awaiting medical school admissions. While I am yet to commence my role as a CNA, I’ve found the program invaluable during my time shadowing my local primary care physician. The program has enhanced my comprehension of patient cases.”

Parting Advice for Prospective Students

Markowitz concluded: “After completing the UF Master of Science in Pharmacology and Physiology program and preparing for the MCAT, I realized the importance of tailoring your study methods for efficient comprehension and retention. Given the extensive information covered in both the program and the MCAT, it’s crucial to identify pertinent information and develop a study technique that works best for you. For those seeking to enhance their academic profile and demonstrate their capacity for advanced study, this program would be an excellent choice.”

Top-ranked UF’s master’s degree in medical physiology and pharmacology helps prepare you for the MCAT and can catch the attention of medical school admissions committees that are overwhelmed with applicants. Get more information about our online program or apply now.