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  • “I am very proud of the places I have been and very excited for the places I will be. I cannot thank you enough, not only for teaching me in the graduate program at UF, but also for taking the time to write a strong and personalized letter of recommendation for me last summer, giving me advice as I headed into interviews last winter, and celebrating with me as I begin this new adventure. I truly hope someday we can meet in person so that I may shake your hand… if shaking hands ever becomes socially acceptable again!”

    Kenzie D. Lundqvist

    “The physiology program helped me a lot. If you really study and know the material you won’t have to work so hard studying for the biology sections of the exam (some psych and physics too), because the passages will explain material that you should already be familiar with. I took the Endocrine and Reproductive Physiology as well as the Cardiovascular and Muscular Physiology courses, and the research papers we wrote about different disorders helped the most with marrying what I learned in class and the MCAT. Taking this program gave me confidence when reading the MCAT passages, because I knew about disorders or the molecular processes being explained. This made answering the questions fairly easy. I haven’t taken the other physiology courses, but the two that I took helped me a lot when studying for the MCAT.”

    Sheree Carter