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Student Testimonial: Lauren Lunar

Online Medical Physiology and Pharmacology Master’s Degree Graduate

Lauren Lunar

“I rave about this program to colleagues looking to further their education …”

Currently a clinical research coordinator at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Lauren Lunar aspires to become an anesthesiologist’s assistant. Her undergraduate GPA previously stood between her and that goal. To elevate both her GPA and her expertise, she chose UF’s online master’s degree in medical physiology and pharmacology. “The master’s program at UF was 50% pharmacology, so it would better my background knowledge before starting an MSA [Master of Science in Anesthesia] program,” Lunar explained. She then shared her primary reasons for choosing our program, the distinct advantage of online learning and how her degree has already helped her professionally.

UF’s Medical Physiology and Pharmacology Program Met All Her Criteria — and More

“When looking at different programs, there were a few things I had in mind: Cost, transferability of credits and how doable the program would be while working full time,” Lunar said. “I found the program at UF to be the perfect fit based on those main considerations. I knew I would be able to complete the program in a year while also working full time as a clinical research coordinator in clinical trials. The program was also very affordable compared to others. I also really thought the staff was amazing and very helpful when inquiring about program information and the next steps.”

Discovering a Distinct Advantage of Online Learning

Living in a suburb just outside of Milwaukee, WI, Lunar found attending UF’s campus-based medical physiology and pharmacology program impractical. Did she feel she learned as much in our online program? “One million percent YES,” Lunar enthused. “I personally love recorded lectures so I can go back and review items I do not understand. Some in-person classes offer this feature, and it is my absolute favorite, hence why I loved the program at UF so much. I think I actually learned more from this being online rather than it being in person.”

This unexpected benefit may have had a few contributing factors: “[The online classroom] was so easy and the videos at the beginning of the course about navigating Canvas helped too. Most faculty responded to my questions within four hours at most. It was so nice!”

Ahead of Other Aspiring Anesthesiology Professionals

Lunar has already applied some of the concepts she learned in our master’s degree program to her current job: “I now possess a lot of the background knowledge that most people going into an anesthesia program wouldn’t if they went straight from undergrad. This program has widened my knowledge of common drugs used to treat patients with various conditions and it has also aided me in my current role where I work on pharmaceutical-based clinical trials.

“One of the clinical trials I work on is a cardiology study looking at both patients on beta-blockers and patients not on beta-blockers for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. There have been many instances where I have used different lessons in pharmacology and physiology to better understand what my patients are experiencing and reporting.”

Standout Courses, Including a Surprising One

“Most of the pharmacology courses were relevant to my current role as a clinical research coordinator on pharmaceutical clinical trials,” Lunar explained. “The most interesting course was GMS 6520 [Medical Pharmacology & Therapeutics I: The Nervous System], since a lot of the drugs covered are drugs that I will encounter in my next academic program. I also thought GMS 6510 was very interesting since it covered tobacco, cannabis and vaping — all of which are very prominent in society today. I was pleasantly surprised.”

How to Set Yourself Up for Success in Our Program

Would Lunar recommend UF’s online medical physiology and pharmacology program to potential students? “Definitely! The courses can be tough at times and require you to dedicate a lot of time to them. However, if you can get yourself organized, draw up a clear plan of how you will study and get the coursework done, the deadlines are very achievable. Do not hesitate to ask questions — the professors are so kind, and they want you to understand the material.”

Whatever your career ambitions in the field are, a master’s degree in medical physiology and pharmacology from top-ranked UF can put you closer to achieving them! Get more information about our online program or apply now.