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Student Testimonial: Sean Dyczewski

Online Medical Physiology and Pharmacology Master’s Degree Graduate

Sean Dyczewski

“The program exposed me to advanced topics and areas of current research that I otherwise wouldn’t have discovered.”

In his role as a lead business analyst in utilization management of specialty medications, Sean Dyczewski draws heavily on his knowledge of physiology and pharmacology. Despite some struggles during his undergraduate program, Dyczewski was able to elevate himself academically and professionally in UF’s online graduate programs in medical physiology. Dyczewski graciously offered some time to explain why the University of Florida was his top choice for graduate studies, the added value of a UF certificate and the advantages of online learning for working people.

A Chance to Prove and Improve Himself

Dyczewski is a proud graduate of UF’s online master’s degree in medical physiology and pharmacology program. But before he began his master’s degree, he chose to complete our online Graduate Certificate in Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. “Among other reasons, this program had a required minimum undergrad GPA that was lower than other schools where I did not meet their criteria,” he explained. “I was just barely above that number but knew I could be successful, and I showed that with my grades. This program allowed me to prove my own growth as a student and as a person despite academic mistakes in the past.” Dyczewski considered medical pharmacology programs from other universities but was unable to find a program he liked that was “100% online and also at a reputable institution.”

Starting His Degree Ahead of the Game

Some students enroll in our graduate certificate programs to test the waters and determine whether they want to continue to a degree program or to ease into their graduate studies. In Dyczewski’s case, he demonstrated that he could be successful in graduate-level science courses despite his poor undergraduate GPA. Due to course overlap, our certificate program allowed him to start his 30-credit master’s degree having already completed some credits. “I then went on to complete the master’s, building from the credits received with the certificate.”

A Program That Accommodated and Enhanced His Career

Dyczewski was pleased to discover the online classroom was very easy to navigate and that his program professors were always accessible. He also enjoyed being able to pace out his courses, since he took them while working full time. Perhaps most critically, however, Dyczewski found what he learned in his courses directly benefited him in his current job. “I have a better understanding of the products we manage and the clinical criteria for their usage,” he explained.

“There were some courses that touched on targeted therapies, gene therapy, CAR-T, etc., that directly correlate with the medications we manage,” Dyczewski continued. “I was pleasantly surprised to gain some insight into the research techniques and software for things like small molecule drug discovery. The program exposed me to advanced topics and areas of current research that I otherwise wouldn’t have discovered.”

Some Practical Advice for Future Students

In recommending UF’s graduate pharmacology program to prospective students, Dyczewski returned to the self-pacing benefit. “Take the courses at a pace that is comfortable for you. The concepts are advanced, and the time needed to learn and digest the material depends on your background.”

Whatever your reasons are for pursuing a master’s degree in medical physiology and pharmacology, UF — the #1 public university in the U.S. — has the online programs to match! Get more information about our online program or apply now.